15 Latest Trends And Trends In Trucking Accidents Attorney

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15 Latest Trends And Trends In Trucking Accidents Attorney

What Causes Trucking Accidents?

Trucks are a small part of the vehicles that travel on the roads but they can be a source of serious injury or death. Accidents involving large trucks may result when drivers are distracted or do not pay attention to their blind areas.

Driver fatigue can also contribute to trucking accidents. They work all day long, with no breaks to meet their quotas.

Driver Error

Driver error is the primary cause of trucking accidents, and it's a serious problem. There are many reasons that could contribute to driver errors and it is essential to know the cause of these mistakes and how to prevent them from happening.

The most frequent mistakes made by drivers include inattention, carelessness, distraction, and drowsiness. These types of issues can be extremely risky, especially when they are paired with the enormous size and weight of trucks.

For instance truck drivers are often working for long hours without getting enough time off. They are often pressured to get loads to their destinations as quickly as they can, and this could lead them to disregard safety regulations.

Another mistake that is common is driving while under the effects of alcohol or drugs. These drivers could cause serious car crashes and even kill or harm others.

Other driver errors include improper maintenance of the vehicle and other components and defective parts that could lead to the possibility of a crash. All of these are serious issues that trucking companies must deal with immediately.

Additionally to these mistakes, trucking accidents can also be caused by weather conditions, such as slippery roads or rain. Truck drivers must slow down when they encounter these conditions and they should be aware of how the conditions affect their vehicles.

A recent study showed that truckers who fail to fulfill these duties could be the cause of fatal crashes. It is vital that trucking companies ensure that their employees adhere to these safety standards in order they can protect themselves and their customers from deadly accidents.

The study also revealed that certain drivers are more likely to make these errors than others. This could be due to their lower level of education or experience.

These findings can help reduce the number of accidents that happen on the road, and can also help trucking companies discover ways to improve driver safety. The company can identify drivers who are susceptible to these kinds of mistakes and train them to avoid errors in the future.

Mechanical Issues

While driver errors are the main cause of trucking accidents 10 percent of these accidents also result from mechanical problems. This makes it all the more crucial for truck drivers to be aware of the components that could fail in their vehicles.

Federal and state laws require commercial trucking companies inspect repair and maintain their trucks on a regular basis. If these inspections are not conducted, drivers and cargos could be at risk of serious accident that can result in catastrophic injuries or even death.

Transmission, brakes, and tires systems are all crucial to a truck's safety. If they fail the driver may lose control of their vehicle and crash into other vehicles or pedestrians.

Blowouts, as well as other tire failures are also a typical cause of trucking accidents, especially in weather conditions that are harsh or when the terrain is uneven. They can cause jackknifes and swerves, which can result in serious accidents.

Other components of a truck that can have an impact on the safety of drivers include steering and suspension systems. They can malfunction due to improper maintenance, excessive load or other causes.

In addition when a truck isn't properly serviced or maintained on a regular basis and its components wear down much faster than they are supposed to. If the engine of a truck is not checked and maintained regularly, it might begin to malfunction before the driver even realizes it.

Another factor that could compromise safety of drivers is the lighting system on trucks. The lights could malfunction or become damaged making it difficult for other drivers to see the truck and its cargo.

Truckers should examine their vehicle's lights as the weather starts to cool. This will help to prevent accidents when the roads are covered by rain, snow or sleet.

Certain truck lights can malfunction due to wiring issues or design imperfections. These issues can cause drivers to lose their vision and miss hazards on the side of the road. These issues can cause fatal accidents, particularly if the driver is fatigued or distracted by other causes.


Overloading trucks is a serious problem that causes many accidents involving trucks. This can result in serious injuries and even death for other motorists on the road.

Overloaded trucks are at greater risk of chance of crashing into each other or being jackknifed. This could cause severe injury to anyone walking on the road. Also, cargo that's not secured properly could escape from the vehicle and block other drivers on the road.

To avoid trucking accidents to reduce the risk of accidents on the road, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration enforced strict weight restrictions on commercial trucks. These limits limit the truck's gross combination weight and gross axle weight.

If a truck is laden it will have to slow down and brake more often to avoid an accident with another vehicle.  trucking accident attorney near me  of an overloaded truck could also be less competent to steer, which can lead to a crash.

This kind of trucking accident could be fatal for anyone driving and especially in a heavy rainstorm or during snowy conditions. The additional weight puts extra stress on the brakes and other parts of the truck, causing them to wear faster.

Tire blowouts are another typical symptom of an overloaded truck. This is because the added weight puts the tires at their limit, leading to an explosion and a loss of control.

Overloaded trucks may also exhibit sudden, jerky movements or a trailer that is bent or sagging. It is important to inspect the load before moving the vehicle off of the dock for loading.

Overloaded trucks could be the result of many factors, including the need of business owners to save money by decreasing the time required to move cargo. Inexperienced or untrained drivers can also result in overloaded trucks.

Consult a lawyer if you or someone you care about was injured in an accident caused by an overloaded vehicle. They can assist you determine if it is appropriate to file an claim. This is a great method of ensuring that the responsible parties are held accountable for the damages and losses you have suffered.

Jackknife Accidents

Commercial trucks can jackknife, causing catastrophic injuries to accident victims. These accidents involving trucks are more frequent than you imagine. Trucks can weigh as much as an 80,000-pound weight, and swing a trailer of 28 feet at speeds that could destroy private property as well as passenger vehicles.

Fortunately, there are numerous things that you can do to prevent these accidents from occurring. If you live in Hidalgo county or in the state of Texas, and you have suffered serious injuries in an accident with a jackknife, then you may be able to get compensation for your injuries through a skilled trucking injury lawyer.

The slowing down of trucks and giving them plenty of space to brake will ensure that drivers aren't involved in jackknife-related crashes. This is especially important on roads that are icy, wet, or have a lot of ice and snow on the roads.

If the brakes of commercial trucks fail abruptly, the driver may lose control of the vehicle. Drivers can be misinformed about a sharp bend or drive too fast. This could result in the brakes to lock up. The truck could then jackknife while the trailer swerves to one side or other causing damage to other vehicles in the vicinity.

A shift in the cargo's weight within the trailer of the truck is a frequent cause of a jackknife crash. Professional loaders are careful when placing cargo inside their trailers to ensure that the trailer and the truck maintain their balance. If the load shifts significantly it could make the trailer lose balance and cause jackknife.

The driver of a trailer that is been jackknifed can lose control of his vehicle and cargo. This could result in serious injuries that require extensive medical treatment and the loss of wages.

There are a myriad of reasons that can cause a vehicle to jackknife itself, the most common cause is faulty road conditions. Ice, snow, rain, road spray, loose materials from the engine of the truck, tire kickup, and other environmental factors can all decrease the traction on the road and cause the truck to lose control.